Sun in Pisces- Vulnerability is Sexy + Inviting, Your Dreams Matter, Your Ancestors Are Listening + Protecting You

Sun in Pisces- Vulnerability is Sexy + Inviting, Your Dreams Matter, Your Ancestors Are Listening + Protecting You


On February 18th/19th, the Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force shifts from the cerebral sign of Aquarius into the intuitive sign of Pisces. After a long and detached 30 day period from our emotional states, we are being encouraged to tap back into our feeling center. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign is known to be sensitive, creative, highly psychic, empathic and mysterious. 

The Sun in Pisces is here to allow our emotions a beautiful outlet of release and recognition. Being the last zodiac sign is both an honor and at times a burden. Pisces folks have mastered the previous 11 signs, lessons and blessings. These folks are deeply emotional and in tune with everyone and everything. They are sponges for the feelings of the entire planet. Quite a load to bear! Their empathic nature is one of wonder and intrigue. No other sign is as sympathetic and understanding as the deep and highly aware fish. 

The Sun in Pisces is encouraging all of us to get in touch with our psychic and intuitive side. This is an excellent time to dive deep into the realm of our subconscious and to explore her depth and wisdom. Meditation, art therapy and artistic expression are favored over the next month. The higher vibration of Pisces energy is the ability to tap into our 6th sense with compassion and forgiveness. The lower vibration of Pisces energy is one of confusion and illusion. Deciphering between both states could be tricky at times. We might be asking ourselves: Is this a beautiful spiritual masterpiece or a disastrous grand illusion? Both might be correct lol. The key will be around grounding ourselves as much as possible while we float in the ethereal realms of our deepest fears and wishes.

The Sun in Pisces wants you to give your heart a break and to be ok with expressing your deepest dreams and deepest sorrows. The beauty of this time is the ability to give yourself and others the space to simply BE. How beautiful is it when we allow ourselves +others the space to show up however we are and however we aren't? This is a space of freedom and acceptance. The Sun in the sign of the fish wants you to feel all the feels with a tender heart and a willingness to go to the depths of your soul. In a world of coldness and competitiveness, the Sun in Pisces is urging a kinder and more sympathetic energy of divine support and empathy. 

For the Sun in Pisces, I have created another poem for the Sun's entry into the last zodiac sign. I began this with the Sun in Aries, and have continued every time the Sun enters a new sign. I hope you all enjoy it. I have received such amazing feedback and I appreciate your kind words and support. Happy birthday to my incredible Pisces folks!


Sun in Pisces Poem

May your heart always be gentle and fluid in a world that is more impressed with facades 

May your break the cycle of destruction with an abundance of tender words and actions 

Emotions are beautiful

It is the world's misperception of them that allows their oppression and destruction

May you always honor your gut with a sacred pact of trust

It is your willingness to honor yourself that allows others to do the same

May you break generational patterns with forgiveness and empathy

Your children's children will thank you later

May you never be scared to lend a helping hand 

You may be the only one who does

You never know the difference you make with a kind word, gesture or action

You are valued beyond measure

You are safe 

You are wanted 

You are a walking miracle of abundance and light

You are love and loved 


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Image: Wisteria, Soften the Edges by Anne Wertheim


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