Sun in Aquarius- Sovereignty Baby, Intellectual Wonder, Letting Your Inner Freak Flag Fly

Sun in Aquarius- Sovereignty Baby, Intellectual Wonder, Letting Your Inner Freak Flag Fly


On January 19/20th the Sun which rules our ego, life force and vitality shifts from the grounded energy of Capricorn over to the intellectual energy of Aquarius. It is time to get a little wild and to let your freak flag fly! No other sign is as eccentric and independent loving as a willful Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign is all about freedom, sovereignty, human rights, genius thinking and detachment.

The Sun in Aquarius is here to have you tap into your humanitarian side and inner badass! This brainy air sign is known to be the genius of the zodiac for many reasons. The first is their ability to tap into any subject with a concentrated effort but at the same time with utter and complete detachment. Something is very elusive and mysterious about their ability to be so knowledgeable yet unreachable. Aquarius as a sign rules the future so while they can seem to be operating in the present moment, their mind and soul is often light years away. 

Aquarius is often considered a water sign( when in fact they are an air sign) as their ruling symbology is one of a woman pouring water from an urn onto the earth. This contradiction is just one of many that people often notice. No one ever knows where they will go or what they will do. Unexpected and unpredictable are the best words to describe them. Just when you thought you figured them out is when they will throw another surprise your way, often when you least expect it. 

The Sun in Aquarius is a great time to bring an idea or project that benefits that greater good into the world. For all of the weirdness and wackiness of the sign( no judgment, I am an Aquarius Sun myself) the Aquarian soul loves humanity with an awe inspiring vibration of universal consciousness and awareness. If you have been contemplating beginning a new business or career, the independent vibes of the Aquarius Sun will bring in a beaming light of possibility and magic. Aquarius also rules friendships so many could finally connect with their tribe or deepen existing connections. Reconnecting to your inner sovereignty + vibration of universal love will also be strong at this time. 

For the Sun in Aquarius, I have created a special poem for the next 30 days. I began this with the Aries season and will continue through Pisces. You all have been so supportive of my poetry and I truly appreciate your love + blessings.  I hope you enjoy this one as well. Happy Birthday to my fellow amazing Aquarius folks!!

Aquarius Season Poem

May the inner call of your free will withstand any outside criticism or skepticism

You were put on this Earth to LOVE

There is no other mission as great and grand as one that comes from the 


May you honor your voice and intellect with fierce protection

Your trust in yourself will radiate that same acceptance for others to follow

Your own path is sacred and may you always find the courage to follow it with 

guts and conviction

Let your uniqueness shine with glory and unapologetic grace

You are here for a reason 

You matter 

You are safe to be you

May you recognize your beauty and compassion within

You are loved

You are a miracle


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Image: Anti-Social by @RobShields


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