October 2021- Grace Never Goes Out of Style, Finally Becoming Unstuck, Balancing the Differences of You vs. Me, We vs. I

October 2021- Grace Never Goes Out of Style, Finally Becoming Unstuck, Balancing the Differences of You vs. Me, We vs. I


Welcome to October 2021! You have now made it to the 10th month of this wild and constantly changing year! This is no small feat and the universe wants to reward you this month for your tenacity and ability to keep going despite these uncertain and uneasy times we are now in. 


October 2021 is a dynamic and busy asf month!! When I went to review all the cosmic activity that is occurring this month, my head did a little spin. There is so much happening and at the same time, this month is setting us up for some big changes that lie ahead with the upcoming eclipse season. We finally can see some real movement and progress, especially after the second half of October. If you have felt stuck or in a “holding pattern” expect some dynamic shifts both internally and externally. 


This is due to the fact that Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will finally be turning direct after almost 6 months of retrograde activity. Pluto rules transformation, power and death/rebirth, Jupiter rules faith, wisdom, luck, expansion and opportunity + Saturn rules structures, authority, obligations, karma and hard work. If one of those areas mentioned within your own life has been on the fritz or just stalled then expect some serious movement and momentum. It will of course take a little bit of time for them to feel fully awake and alive but this forward progress will begin this month! The second half of October all the way until the beginning of November is a great time to push plans forward and to get things moving and grooving. In fact, this will be the last window of this year to initiate new directives and goals as the second half of November and December will be laden with the eclipse energies and the upcoming Venus retrograde. It is time to make a plan and to get ready to execute it for the second half of this dynamic month. 


Let’s start with good news and this begins relatively early in the month.


On October 6th, we have the beautiful and uplifting New Moon at 13 degrees of Libra. New Moons are always ripe with possibility and a fresh slate of growth and promise. They represent beginnings, new perspectives and rebirth. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign deals with partnerships, contracts, commitments and balance. Wherever 13 degrees of Libra falls in your natal chart is where you can expect to see these new beginnings and progress occur. The New Moon in Libra is here to bring in a new chapter within relationship dynamics and contracts of all kinds. Since Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony rules over the sign of Libra, this New Moon wants to restore loving and beautiful energy back into our lives. If you have been dealing with any unfair or unbalanced relationships, both in business or in your personal life, expect some kind of shift and new chapter. This is a great lunar cycle to focus on diplomacy and peaceful resolution for all involved. With the supportive conjunction to Mars, the planet of action, initiative and passion, who is also in the sign of Libra, this will add some heat and a directive tone to creating harmony within such partnerships. This is also a pretty sexy but feisty combo so watch any passive aggressive tendencies as Libra is not the sign that likes to argue or be aggressive, but Mars certainly does. Finding the balance of passivity and action will be particularly important for this lunar cycle. 


On the same day, October 6th, Pluto, the planet of transformation, death/rebirth and power turns direct at 24 degrees of Capricorn. After a 6 month retrograde journey, this planet of power is ready to begin shifting events and situations and to help you regain your sense of personal power and prowess. While Pluto was retrograde in Capricorn many power struggles within our daily structures and work life could have been super frustrating and stalled. With Pluto in Capricorn now direct, we can feel a breakthrough around our ability to manifest transformations within such work projects or business endeavours. A raw and no BS attitude will be felt by all and it is time to move and groove around honoring our stand and sense of personal integrity. Wherever you have 24 degrees of Capricorn in your natal chart is where you will begin to see some serious and transformative shifts of power and movement. 


On October 10th, Saturn, the planet of obligations, karma, hard work and authority wakes up from his 6th month slumber and turns direct at 7 degrees of Aquarius. While Saturn was retrograde in Aquarius over the last several months, we could have felt particularly stuck on making solid plans and creating any kind of concrete decisions. Saturn is the “glue” in astrology. Although he is often feared due to his malefic nature, he is the planet that creates longevity and commitment. Pretty important when we are creating anything of importance in our lives. With Saturn in Aquarius now turning direct, we can expect anything that was a struggle or just stalled in our lives to begin to move and produce results. Any delay on business matters in particular will now begin to shift and we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Karma also is ruled by Saturn so whatever work you put in during his retrograde or on the reverse, whatever you avoided, will now start to return, for good or bad.  


Moving to the middle of the month, on October 18th, we have quite a busy day astrologically. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom, luck, expansion and hope in the sign of Aquarius begins to turn direct after his 4 month retrograde cycle. At the same time, Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and travel, also turns direct in the sign of Libra, after his 21 day long retrograde cycle. During Jupiter in Aquarius’s retrograde cycle, many could have felt less hopeful or just more skeptical relating to group dynamics and friendships. You will have to look at where 22-29 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to get a more specific view but in general Jupiter retrograde often promotes a lack of enthusiasm and even “luck” in certain areas. Folks with Sagittarius or Pisces dominant in their charts often feel his retrograde cycle the most as he rules both signs( formally ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered). With Jupiter now direct in the sign of the water bearer, our sense of optimism, hope and travel/educational pursuits become clearer and move forward. During Mercury in Libra’s retrograde cycle, many relationships could have gone through a few stormy patches and our plans could have been delayed around business and travel matters. You will have to look at where 10-25 degrees of Libra falls in your natal chart to get a more specific view. With Mercury now direct in Libra negotiations and partnerships will begin to sort themselves out and we can finally see movement in business matters and around important objectives and goals. If there was a lack of harmony within certain connections, a sense of peace and tranquility can now be restored and established. 


On October 20th, we have the dynamic and get your ass moving Full Moon at 27 degrees of Aries. Full Moons are always a time where emotions are running high and the energy of the cosmos is ripe with manifestations, culmination and endings. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign is known to be the “boss”, inspirational, fiery, motivating and aggressive. Wherever 27 degrees of Aries falls in your chart is where you are sure to see some fireworks and passionate displays of emotions. The Full Moon in Aries is here to conjure up some passion and excitement to our lives. Any pent up feelings related to ourselves and what is important in our lives will be brought up and many folks could become quite relentless in expressing themselves. The moon doesn’t love to be full in Aries due to the fact that the Moon is a gentle and more feminine based cosmic force. Aries is a masculine sign that likes to make things happen and be in CHARGE. This could lead to some friction of whether or not we should act upon these feelings of passion or hold back. Many won’t be able to hold back so watch out for the tendency to lash out and try to adopt the Sun in Libra’s opposing energy of diplomacy and tact. Won’t be easy but it will be necessary as no grown adult looks good throwing a tantrum. Expressing our ideals with enthusiasm and standing up for ourselves is favored but again remember to still remain tactful and respectful. 


Finally on October 22nd, the Sun, which rules our ego, life force and vitality shifts from the air sign of Libra over to the watery vibes of Scorpio. We now enter into a cycle of depth and plenty of emphasis on transformation and exploration of our shadow side. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign deals with death, rebirth, intensity, power, other’s resources and our hidden psyche. Expect to go deep with yourself during these next 30 days. Wherever Scorpio lies in your chart is where you are sure to feel this intensity of emotions and to purge and replenish your personal power. There is nothing light or “a walk in the park” about Scorpio energy. The beautiful thing about these next 30 days will be the psychological and emotional growth if you are willing to face the “darkness” and to embrace the death/rebirth cycle of transformation. 


October 2021 is a month of a lot of changes but at the same time, there is a pause before we enter the life changing eclipse season. This is the month that we can finally see some real progress and movement.  With Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and now Mercury direct, there will finally be a light at the end of the tunnel in regards to our faith, structures and communication. If you don’t see these shifts in October, hold your horses cause November + December are sure to deliver. October 2021 wants to remind you to be gentle and compassionate with yourself and your journey. This is always good advice but even more so with the current craziness of this world. Being graceful and grateful never goes out of style. October 2021 wants to remind you that tough times don’t last but tough people do! This month is here to awaken you to new relationship cycles, propel your plans and dreams into action(after many delays) and to remind you of the sacredness of the cycle of life and your ability to always transform and begin again.  


© Astromomma, 2021

Image: Innocence by Autumn Skye


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