New Moon in Cancer- Yummy, Comfy + Tender Vibes, How Do You Mother Yourself? Do You Feel Safe?

New Moon in Cancer- Yummy, Comfy + Tender Vibes, How Do You Mother Yourself? Do You Feel Safe?



On June 28th, we have the loving and uber sensitive New Moon at 7 degrees of Cancer. New Moons themselves bring in new opportunities, fresh starts and the slate being wiped clean. They represent hope, new chapters and beginnings. In the days leading up to a New Moon, the energy is tense and uneasy. With no moonlight to guide our tender spirits, we can feel lost and emotionally + physically drained. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, deals with home, family, emotional foundations, security, our roots and safety. 

The New Moon in Cancer is here to have us begin a new epic journey connected to honoring our deepest feelings and sense of security and safety. Since the Moon rules Cancer and is naturally at home within this sign, there is lots of power and strength to this planetary position. This New Moon wants to wrap you up in a cozy blanket, feed you comfort food and nurture your soul. No other sign is as comforting and protective as a Cancer. This is the sign of the mother after all. 

This New Moon will bring up protective "Momma bear" vibes. This is a great time to focus on how to reparent ourselves and to spend time surrounded by those that make us feel at home and at ease. This is also an excellent time to focus on family affairs, home repairs/renovations, and domestic duties. Since Cancer is a water sign, our feels will be full on and intense. Expect to shed tears for no reason and to be more moody and reactive emotionally. 

For those who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs at 7 degrees of Cancer or close by( 3 +/- degrees) this New Moon will bring in huge new emotional journeys. Expect to be extra sensitive + to seek new ways to comfort and nurture yourselves. A big turning point with your family, mother or intimate connections could be indicated. For those who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant at 7 degrees of the other Cardinal signs( Aries, Libra or Capricorn) or close by (3 +/- degrees) expect new starts within your family life, relationships and career. A big new cycle connected to being assertive and in charge but from a place of honoring your feelings will be brought up now. For everyone else, check where 7 degrees of Cancer falls in your birth chart to see where these fresh starts will occur within your ability to feel safe, nurtured and at home with yourself. 

The New Moon in Cancer is here to bring in loving, deeply emotional and gentle energy of feminine grace + beauty. It is time to relax into your heart and to allow your emotions to be front and center. While Cancer energy is certainly focused on the feelings, there is also an assertive and protective energy to this sign. This is mainly due to it being a Cardinal sign which gives it a more take charge, leadership quality. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable but also recognizing healthy boundaries is important. The New Moon in Cancer wants you to trust your intuition and sense of deep soul knowing. It is time to embrace your feminine side with reverence and respect. The New Moon at home in the sign of the crab is here to bring in new ventures connected to what makes you feel safe + secure, allow a space of honoring your deepest feelings and remind you that you are eternally safe + protected.

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