Mars Retrograde in Gemini- The War Between the Mind and the Mouth, Pent Up Intellectualism, Aggressive Duplicity

Mars Retrograde in Gemini- The War Between the Mind and the Mouth, Pent Up Intellectualism, Aggressive Duplicity


On October 30th, Mars, the planet of anger, aggression, passion and drive turns retrograde at 25 degrees of Gemini until January 12th. Mars retrograde phases are rare and only happen every 2 years. With the planet of war turning backwards, this can herald a lot of frustration, anxiety and pent up energy to be present. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign, deals with communication, learning, the intellect, curiosity and malleability. 

Mars retrograde in Gemini is here to bring forth a war between our mind and our ability to communicate. This is a time where folks could be ready to battle it out and use words as weapons. When the red planet is backwards, there is a sense of not being fully able to exert its power of passion and purpose. Since Mars rules masculinity, we could see heightened frustrations within ourselves and the world connected to the masculine principles of acting, providing and protecting. A lull of energy is all possible. Mars retrograde periods are a good time to practice relaxing, redirecting our purpose, reflecting and refocusing. Since Gemini is an intellectual genius, our brains could also be on overdrive, trying to figure out what to say and maybe at times blurting out things that we normally wouldn't express. Heightened forms of anxious and erratic thoughts will be common at this time so I would advise you to do your best to ground yourself + to quiet your mind. Won't be an easy task.  

Mars retrograde in Gemini is a great time to go back to old projects that require intellectual + communication mastery. If you had previously been writing a blog, book or learning a skill but for some reason dropped it, this is a great time to pick it back up and revive its presence. This is also a good time to analyze your mental triggers + what events, people or situations sets them off into overdrive. Speaking of driving, it goes without saying that being careful is always a priority but even more so at this time. Gemini in astrology rules traveling by car and with Mars, the planet of anger in backwards motion, we could see a lot more accidents and mishaps with vehicles. Forewarned is forearmed. Hidden frustrations could pop up all over the place! This is not the time to begin a major new project that will require a lot of effort and skill, if you can help it. Keeping your cool always works but even more so with the planet of anger in retrograde. Watching your words and how they land will be key. 

Folks with their inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and points( AC, IC, DC, MC, NN/SN) between 8- 25 degrees of Gemini will be most impacted by this Mars retrograde cycle. Especially if you have those planets/points closer to 8 or 25 degrees of Gemini specifically. This retrograde phase of Mars in Gemini will be a catalyst for you to redirect your passions and purpose. There could be a huge surge of pent up energy that hits you all at once. Be mindful of your thoughts and how you express them. When Mars turns direct on January 12th, you will be able to finally put these passions into full gear! Expect huge shifts within your ability to process information and to express it with yourself and others. For everyone else, check where 8-25 degrees of Gemini falls in your natal chart to see which area of your life will require more refocus, redirection and reflection of  passion and energy. 

Mars retrograde in Gemini is here to have us reclaim and redirect the way we think and communicate. This could come in the form of a lot of pent up anger around our ability to simply "be" with whatever thoughts come to the surface. This is a time to reflect on the meaning we give our thoughts and the way we express them out into the world. Mars retrograde wants us to become more mindful and less reactive. This as mentioned above won't be an easy task but Mars always rewards acts of strength and courage. This transit is here to teach us the glory of being able to think, learn and evolve from a place of observation vs. having to react or fight. Mars retrograde in Gemini is here to redirect our passion and energy into thinking before speaking, re-spark a flame around our desire to learn/evolve and to remind us that our purpose is to not try to figure out the outcome but rather to be present + enjoy each moment of the journey. 

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