March 2021- The Most Blissful Month of 2021, The Power of Unconditional Love, Re-Birth + Rising Up to Greet Brilliance

March 2021- The Most Blissful Month of 2021, The Power of Unconditional Love, Re-Birth + Rising Up to Greet Brilliance

Welcome to March 2021! After an active asf last couple of months, March 2021 will feel like a sweet breeze of relief! All of March 2021 will be blessed with the planets in direct motion.

In fact, we are now in a period (this began last month on February 21st) until the end of April where there is direct movement from all of the players in the celestial kingdom. This is the longest time where all the planets have been direct since 2008! Yes, 13 whole years. This is a direct message from the universe to get out there and make your projects and dreams come true. You will have a magical alliance from the stars that encourages bravery, conviction and movement.

It is time to get moving and the month of March 2021 might be the first time in a while where you will feel you are making progress and finally seeing the results for all your hard work and determination.

Beginning on March 4th, Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and news, conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of abundance, luck and wisdom, in the sign of Aquarius. An important and maybe radical piece of news comes to greet you on or around this date. This certainly could have to do with manifesting an important dream or goal that is now ready to be seen and heard by all. If you are waiting for an important email. letter or correspondence, then this date could bring in major developments that will surprise and delight you.

On March 10th, the Sun, which represents our ego, life force and vitality, conjuncts Neptune, the planet of, the subconscious mind, imagination and sensitivity in the sign of Pisces. This is an annual meetup so you might want to look back to last year to get clues on what happened when they last aligned together.  The Sun and Neptune coming together in the sweet and deep sign of Pisces is a very healing and prophetic alignment. Your dream state could be quite active, so make sure to place a notepad and pen by your bed to record your dreams and insights. Psychic and intuitive awareness will be particularly strong on this date, so pay close attention to any symbols, numbers or omens from spirit. Also, protect your energy as on or around this date, as energy vampires might be rampant as well. A sense of boundaries could be difficult with this aspect so pay attention to who or what you are giving your attention and protect yourself and your energy.

Moving to mid- month, on March 13th, we have the New Moon at 23 degrees of Pisces.  New moons herald: fresh perspectives, new beginnings and the slate being wiped clean. Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac is all about, depth, sensitivity, contemplation, our subconscious tendencies and the imagination.

The New Moon in Pisces will be a beautiful time to begin a healing practice or to create an artistic or creative masterpiece. This lunar event will be rather tender and full of deep emotions. Again, psychic and intuitive nudges from spirit will be particularly strong. On the same day, Venus, the planet of, love, beauty and pleasure, will be meeting up with Neptune, the planet of, the imagination, dreams and visions, in the sign of Pisces. This is a double dose of dreamy, imaginative and romantic energies! Wow... talk about a fairytale of aspects. Many could begin a mystical and spiritual partnership around this time or deepen the ecstasy and pleasure within an existing bond.  Keeping yourself grounded might prove to be challenging so make an extra effort to also be discerning and aware.

On March 20th, the Sun, which represents again, our vitality, life force and energy, shifts from the dreamy sign of Pisces over to the fiery sign of Aries. This begins the Vernal Equinox and Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Equinoxes (just like Solstice's) are powerful days of manifestations and miracles. Make sure to make a wish for the year ahead as this is the astrological new year. The Sun in Aries will bring forth a more dynamic and courageous energy. It is time to plant new seeds and to do so with conviction and a fighting spirit.

Finally, on March 28/29th, we have the Full Moon at 8 degrees of Libra. Full Moons are known to bring in manifestations, endings and culmination. Libra, the 7th sign of the zodiac is all about, balance, partnerships and peace. The Full Moon in Libra will bring forth relationship issues to the forefront. We will crave stability and peace of mind, but there could be some hiccups within partnership dynamics at this full moon. We will also have Venus and Chiron meeting up in Aries on the same day. Venus and Chiron in Aries could bring some harsh wounds around co-dependency or lack thereof within certain unions. As much as this Full Moon in Libra wants us to find beauty and serenity, again, there could be quite a bit of tension and hostility brewing below the surface. This is a great full moon to go to a couple's counseling or to find a way to express any hidden fears or issues happening within certain relationship dynamics.

March 2021 is a month where we can finally move forward and feel some relief from the last few months. While no month is perfect, as that does not exist, this month is a time where finally shifts of awareness, matched with empowered action can finally be seen + taken on. March 2021 wants you to take a deep breath and honor your sensitivity but at the same time honor your sense of courage and tenacity. This human experience can be tough and trying. The beauty of this month is that all your hard work will now start to be recognized and acknowledged. Progress and new beginnings lie ahead dear souls. March 2021 is here to reveal your deep feelings to be cleansed and purged, light a fire of possibility and determination under your ass and for you to realize that like the seasons you too can be reborn + rise again!


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Image: Divine Life by Cristina McAllister


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