Jupiter in Pisces- Expansion of Compassion + Psychic Abilities, The Flow of Unconditional Love, Merging As One + Spiritual Enlightenment

Jupiter in Pisces- Expansion of Compassion + Psychic Abilities, The Flow of Unconditional Love, Merging As One + Spiritual Enlightenment

On December 28th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wisdom, abundance and good fortune moves back into the sign of Pisces. Jupiter briefly moved into Pisces this past year from May-July 2021. Jupiter will remain in Pisces until May 11th and then transit into Aries from May 11th- October 27th and then will retrograde back into Pisces until December 20th, 2022. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign is known to be spiritual, psychic, sensitive, artistic and compassionate. 

Jupiter in Pisces is here to bring a surge of compassion, love and spiritual growth. This transit is here to raise the consciousness of unconditional love, artistic beauty and astounding psychic insights. We will be called to tap into our heart space and flow with tenderness and sensitivity. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so lots of wisdom and profound connection to source will be present.  

Jupiter loves to be in Pisces as this is his domicile position.  Domicile implies that the planet once originally ruled the sign( in this case Jupiter ruled Pisces before Neptune was discovered)/ In eastern astrology, Jupiter is still seen as Pisces's true ruler. When a planet is in his domicile sign, he feels at home and powerful.  

This period of Jupiter in Pisces will see breakthroughs around art, music, poetry, dance and any of other creative + artistic self expression. There will be a dreamy and romantic energy that will be palpable + noticed. While this transit is beautiful and supportive for healing, we will have to watch the lower energies of this transit as well. I always say that there is a low and high vibe to each sign and planet. The lower energies of Jupiter in Pisces could be the expansion( Jupiter) around drugs, alcohol, escapism tendencies, or grand illusions. Again, grounding ourselves could be tricky with all this euphoric energy in the cosmos. It will be extra imperative to stay as present and centered amongst all of this mutable energy.

The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 2010. You might want to look back to that year to see what was happening in your life. For me personally, I was exploring moving to Australia( Pisces rules my 4th house of home and family). For folks with prominent Pisces placements( Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Pisces ruling the IC=4th house cusp, DC=7th house cusp, or MC=10th house cusp) this transit of Jupiter in Pisces will be particularly impactful. Expect to see a boost of divine intervention and blessings to the planet or house that is ruled by Pisces in your chart.

Jupiter in Pisces is here to raise your vibration around compassion, forgiveness and love. There are no greater forces in the universe than these 3 principles. During this transit, there will be heart awakenings beyond what we thought was previously possible. Many folks could connect to a spiritual practice, business or calling that inspires them + that provides healing benefits to society. Jupiter in Pisces is here to allow your soul to merge with beauty and wisdom. She is here to bring in a new level of understanding and spiritual awareness, a surge in all the artistic fields and a renewal of faith + unconditional love for humanity. 


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