Jupiter in Aries- Finding Your Inner Guru of Inspiration, Lightning Speed Progress, Entrepreneurship Vibes

Jupiter in Aries- Finding Your Inner Guru of Inspiration, Lightning Speed Progress, Entrepreneurship Vibes


On May 11th, Jupiter, the planet of hope, inspiration, wisdom and luck transits from the emotional sign of Pisces into the inspirational sign of Aries. This will be a rather brief entry, as Jupiter will only remain in Aries until October 2022, before he returns back into the sign of Pisces. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, deals with independence, guts, leadership, willpower, strength and naivety.

Jupiter in Aries is here to light a fire under our asses and to have us take risks and propel forward into our ultimate destiny. We will be ready to go out into the world and to create new and meaningful masterpieces of significance with this transit. Since Jupiter rules anything that has to do with expansion (for good or bad) and Aries represents the leader and general of the zodiac, many folks will create their own businesses now or at the very least a side hustle that is all their own. 

The last time Jupiter was in Aries was in 2010/2011. You might want to look back to that time to get clues of what might occur during this transit. The most important degrees of this upcoming transit of Jupiter in Aries will be from the 0-8 degree mark since those are the degrees Jupiter will cover from May-October 2022. For those folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant or IC-4th house cusp, DC-7th house cusp, or MC- 10th house cusp, between those mentioned degrees, this transit will be very significant for you. Folks that have planets between 0-8 degrees in the other cardinal signs Cancer, Libra, Capricorn( especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant) will also be impacted by this transit. For everyone else, check where 0-8 Aries falls in your natal chart to see where there will be fiery vibes of knowledge, wisdom and risk. 

Jupiter in Aries is here to bring forth your inner guru who is ready to take on life with gusto and sovereignty. This transit wants you to reclaim your independence from outside opinions, thoughts and societal norms. A fresh wave of fiery inspiration mixed with leadership is what this transit is all about. The higher vibration of Jupiter in Aries will bring forth innovative business ideas, risks that pay off big time, and the sacred connection to the self. The lower vibration of Jupiter in Aries will bring forth selfishness, naivety and carelessness. We will learn how to bring forth new levels of courage that allow us to be our own hero/heroine. This transit will ask that we be our own best friend and ally. If you tap into your own inner guru, no person, situation or circumstance will provide you with that level of self empowerment and willpower. Jupiter in Aries is here to light a fire under your ass to get moving and grooving, give you the inspiration to begin again..refreshed and renewed and show you that in a world of darkness + sadness, you have the power to transform your life with tapping into your inner strength and determination. 

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