July 2021- Mothering Yourself + Intuitive Guidance, Hot Fun in the Summertime, Unbridled Creativity + Confidence

July 2021- Mothering Yourself + Intuitive Guidance, Hot Fun in the Summertime, Unbridled Creativity + Confidence


Welcome to July 2021! We have now moved past the recent eclipse cycle + Mercury retrograde periods! Congratulations! You have made it!!

While the energy will continue to get clearer and calm down, many could still be reeling with the effects that these recent turbulent and changing cosmic forces brought into their lives. If you fall into this category, spirit is asking for you to practice extra doses of compassion and self- care. July 2021 will be a time of integration, trust in your own intuitive guidance and an awareness of your tender spirit and heart. If things have felt all over the shop and non stop in a whirlwind of events, it is time to gather your strength and to remember the serenity of calmness and grace. Wherever you are at, trusting the process of events and not rushing to judgements will be key. 

July 2021 wants you to reclaim your inner fire again but from a place of calm self awareness and understanding. Extra loving tender care with yourself and others is requested now. Remember I always say," No force is needed" in my articles. This phrase will be one to remember as well this month. Big internal shifts could and will be happening so being adaptable and malleable while also being super kind to yourself on this journey is what spirit is calling forth. Listening instead of reacting is advised. The world is your oyster so what is for you won't miss you, I promise. 


July 2021 wants you to ground yourself and know that any hardship is temporary. Brighter days and magical manifestations lie ahead. Keep your chin up and remember to allow the universe to reveal your blessings in divine timing. You are a miracle. There is nothing to "fix" or "change". Releasing expectations and being in the present moment are the gifts July 2021 is here to bring. 


I will begin right at the beginning of July as things will begin to "pop off" as soon as we enter the month. 


On July 1st, Mars, the planet of aggression, action and passion, currently in the fire sign of Leo, makes an 180 degree tense opposition to retrograde Saturn, the planet of restrictions, obligations and hard work, in the sign of Aquarius. Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius will initiate some kind of battle between our need for speed and results vs. our need for solidity and structure. This is a classic tug of war of action vs. waiting, passion vs. cool headedness and movement vs. delays. Being that both Mars and Saturn are malefics in astrology will add fuel to the irritation of their meetup. The malefic planets bring in challenges and frustrations but their higher purpose involves growth and strength. Mars in Leo  opposing retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will produce many flare ups of tempers that want what they want and the "my way vs. the highway" syndrome could be quite strong. The key with these two will be to make sure you are being extra careful with your words and actions. Overreacting inside of our ego will be particularly noticeable. Violent reactions and emotions could come to the surface so extra extra doses of self control and meditation will be helpful. The higher form of these two will be about overcoming a struggle within, either mentally or emotionally and learning your own sense of strength and perseverance. Keeping your cool, while also not getting stuck in old narratives will be a powerful way to deal with these malefics at play. The only way out is through so be wise and keep calm if you feel your feathers being ruffled. Overreacting and losing your shit never looks good so be mindful and aware and you will get through this aspect with flying colors + a renewed sense of grit and fortitude. 


On July 9th, we have the glorious and emotional New Moon at 18 degrees of Cancer. New Moons are always a beautiful time of wiping the slate clean, beginning anew and forging towards brighter horizons. Cancer, the 4th zodiac sign, deals with family, home, roots, emotional foundations and nourishment. The New Moon in Cancer will usher in a wave of unconditional love and compassion into our lives. Tender + nurturing vibes will be the theme of La Luna anew in the abode of the crab. This is a great new moon to relocate, purchase property, renovate and spend more time with family and those near and dear to your heart. You might be more emotional and sensitive than usual so taking time to nourish yourself and be gentle with any deeper feelings is advised. Our inner momma issues will be strong at this time. If you have felt disconnected to your inner emotional compass or even your outer relationship to your mother/mother figure, then this a great new moon to reestablish the closeness and connection. Themes around being in the flow and trusting your intuition will also be strong forces at this new moon. 


Moving to mid- month on July 13th ( hbd to my momma) we have the hot and sizzling pair up of Venus, the planet of love, pleasure and romance, conjuncting with Mars, the planet of sex, passion and excitement, both in the fire sign of Leo. Ohh laaa laaa!!!! Get ready cause this is where that "hot fun in the summertime( or wintertime for my southern hemisphere homies)" will be felt, heard and seen. Venus, the feminine planet of love meeting up with Mars, the masculine planet of sex, in the HOT sign of Leo will make for some fun, creative and extremely passionate times for many. All will feel this surge of fiery action and creative intensity but the fire signs( Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be most impacted. If your top 3 ( Sun, Moon or Ascendant) happen to be in one, both or all of those signs mentioned, then get ready to RUMBLE( lol... sorry I had to). Hot and steamy dramatic scenes of love, artistic brilliance and fun will be sure to come in full force with Venus + Mars in Leo. My only warning will be to watch our egos and levels of pride( as these are the lower sides of Leo energy). All in all this conjunction of Venus and Mars will produce an exhilarating and "party on" vibe that I believe we all deserve... enjoy it!


On July 22nd, the Sun, which represents our ego, vitality and life force shifts from the watery and dreamy sign of Cancer, over to the fiery and creative sign of Leo. More fire baby! Leo, the 5th sign of the zodiac is known to embody warmth, generosity, passion, creativity and heart centered endeavors. The Sun also happens to rule the sign of Leo, so a burst of energy and passion will begin to be felt and noticed. Our artistic and playful sides will begin to come out as our inner child will be ready to express itself with vigor and brilliance. For the next 30 days or so, this is a great time to hone in on a creative project, let yourself be seen and acknowledged and tend to the inner flames of your deepest passions and interests. The Sun in the lion's den wants you to enjoy yourself and to stand in your regal power and fortitude. 


Finally on July 23rd, we have the Full Moon at 1 degree of Aquarius. Full Moons are always highly emotional and ripe with manifestations, completions and endings. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, is known to represent the genius, the unusual, independence, invention and humanity. The Full Moon in Aquarius is here to proclaim our truth around what makes us feel free and autonomous. In a world of going along with the pack, the Full Moon in Aquarius will bring up the issue of honoring our own inner wisdom and forging a new path connected to our hopes and dreams. An air of detachment around our feelings could be evident, even with the Full moon vibes present so making sure you aren't totally up "in your head" will be important. This is a great full moon to see the results of a business, project or goal that you have been working on begin to bear fruit. Many will want to dedicate their time to humanitarian causes. At the same time, this full moon could have you seek extra doses of solitude and alone time. Radical and out of this world ideas could be brought forth so when dealing with anything Aquarius( I know cause I am one) expect the unexpected and plan to roll with whatever comes forth. Inventions and manifestations of all kinds could come out during this time so owning your brilliance will be highlighted.


July 2021 is a month of integration, intuition and inspiration. As mentioned in the introduction, many folks will be needing a break after this cray Gemini season/Mercury retrograde period. Let yourself relax and drop down to your heart. What whispers of enlightenment and wisdom does she want to express to you? What new levels of unconditional love and acceptance can you reach this month? July 2021 wants you to find your grace and gratitude in a world that is spinning out of control + chaotic. That of course to some degree will never end, right? This month wants you to come back to your heart and to honor her progress and strength. As the saying goes, " You have survived 100% of what life has brought your way"! Those are some damn good odds. Taking it easy with yourself, while also reigniting your passion and playful energy is what July 2021 is all about. This month is here to have you remember your spirit and soul from a new level of support and acknowledgement.

July 2021 wants you to have fun again. Remember that word, lol? She is here to have you nurture and nourish yourself like never before, find your inner child and spark of creative genius and remind you that even in the darkest and chaotic times, everything is temporary + your commitment to yourself + growth will out-win any circumstance any day. 

© Astromomma, 2021 

Image: Sara Mesehuer

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