January 2021- The Month of Redemption, Beginning Again with An Open Heart, Ultimate Manifestation Powers Activated

January 2021- The Month of Redemption, Beginning Again with An Open Heart, Ultimate Manifestation Powers Activated


Welcome to January 2021! Yes I said 2021! It feels so good to not have to write 2020 anymore, lol! 

After a year unlike any in previous history, we are all ready for a major reset button!  Let us all take a moment to acknowledge ourselves for the strength and tenacity of spirit that we developed in 2020. Let us say a prayer and hold space for those we lost. When we went into 2020, we thought it was going to be the year that all of our dreams became a reality. As we now exit 2020, we realized it was the year that we became grateful for all things we had in life. An awakening of human understanding is what this past year brought, even while we were physically separated from each other.

While this coming month of January 2021 will still be intense and transformational, there is a ray of hope and light for this coming year of 2021. We have gone through the dark knight of the soul in 2020 and are ready to come up for air and create new beginnings + new sources of faith.


This new month in this new year will ask that we rise up and reclaim our sense of purpose and sense of self worth. If there was anything we learned about last year, it was that in the face of darkness, there is always light to be found.

January 2021 will be a catalyst for us to get crystal clear around what our heart is desiring. We must get out of our head and drop down to hear its call. There is a deep need to surrender old ways of thinking and adopt a fresh perspective. We are entering into a time that will ask us to open up our minds to the unknown. A fresh slate of unlimited possibilities lie before us. It is up to us to stay grounded and aware enough to hear this sacred call. The shackles of the past are coming off and we are breaking free of lifetimes of repressed energy. A liberation of consciousness is here and active! 


This month is an interesting time of an abundance of fixed sign energies. The fixed signs include: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These signs all occur in the middle of each season and are known to be: set in their ways, determined and focused. Due to the abundance of fixed sign energy, we will need to adopt a level of flexibility and malleability in the month of January. Being a fixed sign myself( shout out to the Aquarians) I always have to check myself when I get too "dug in" and rigid. While the fixed sign mentality is one of achievement, we will need to reinforce the attributes of: adaptability, compassion and empathy in January 2021. 


Moving to the major highlights of January 2021, let's begin with the middle of the month, which is quite exciting. 


On January 12/13th, we have the New Moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn. New Moons herald: fresh energy, new beginnings and fresh slates. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: authority, responsibility, hard work and legacies. The New Moon in Capricorn will bring in an air of persistence and rise to accomplish. This is a great time to begin a major work project or practice of devotion. An elevated state of awareness of our karma will also be present at this new moon. Many could finally heal an aspect of their masculinity. This divine healing will be a catalyst for leadership abilities to manifest. An earthy and grounded approach is what this lunar cycle will bring into our lives. 


On January 17th, Jupiter, the planet of: abundance, wisdom and luck, currently in the sign of Aquarius, will make a tense 90 degree square to Uranus, the planet of: surprises, enlightenment and change, currently in the sign of Taurus. Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus will bring in radical and expansive ideals connected to our values and sense of self. There could be a power struggle between our need to innovate with our mind and our desire to create freedom around our survival. This will be felt in particular around our money and inner self worth. Explosive and sudden realizations could be expressed on or around this day. A very fixed perception is why this will be a tense dance between the two planets. We will need to adopt a level of understanding and flexibility. Being grounded in our heart space is requested. A level of compromise is requested as we expand our desire for freedom and innovate our sense of freedom around what is holding us back. 


On January 19th, the Sun, which rules our: life force, energy and vitality, shifts from the earthy sign of Capricorn, over to the air sign of Aquarius. Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, is known to represent: freedom, innovation, invention and futuristic vision. We will now shift from a more practical and pragmatic approach to a more unusual and eccentric way of looking at life. Many will want to create intellectual masterpieces and develop strong willpower around using their voice for altruistic and humanitarian pursuits. 


On January 28th, we have the glorious and bright Full Moon at 9 degrees of Leo. Full Moons are always highly emotional and signify: endings, completions and manifestations. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign, deals with: creativity, courage, love and warmth. This Full Moon in Leo will demand that we drop down into our heart space to hear it's wisdom and beauty. Many folks could be seeing the results of a creative or artistic project at the time of this full moon. A balance between the mind and heart will be what this lunar cycle brings into our lives. There is a recognition of our inner child and the need to heal any past traumas related to being the outcast or the "black sheep". A sense of personal freedom, mixed with an honoring of our inner light will be the manifestation of this full moon. This one happens to be extra special to me as it is my birthday and I was born on a full moon in Leo( My moon happens to be at 29 degrees of Cancer, as it went into Leo a few hours after I was born). Coming back to our soul's essence awaits us all, as well as a recognition for our truest desires and passions to be expressed and acknowledged.


Finally, on January 30th, Mercury, the planet of: the mind, communication and business, turns retrograde at 26 degrees of Aquarius, till February 21st. Mercury retrograde periods tend to ask us to reflect and redirect our thoughts and efforts. There are usually themes of the past coming back to be analyzed and reflected upon. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius will ask us to reconsider and contemplate what ideas hold us back and what thoughts create freedom and a sense of purpose. Certain friendships and goals from the past might return to be re-examined and acknowledged once more. We will need to sit back and reflect upon the ways in which we feel 100% ok around expressing ourselves and the ways in which we isolate ourselves to avoid being dominated. Being a fixed sign, Aquarius is known to be rather uncomfortable being "held down" in any way and quite stubborn around their sense of freedom. A certain level of surrender and vulnerability is requested by spirit. While there could be some brilliance around our thoughts at this time, we will be asked to pause and reflect. 


January 2021 is a time to regather our strength and vitality as we head into a new year. We will be asked to take the lessons from 2020 and step into new territories of self awareness and self mastery. This month is all about learning how to stand up for ourselves while at the same time, learning how to go with the flow around our brilliant creations. We might get super committed and fixed to a particular outcome or desired expectation. The key is to keep our vision on what we want and then let it go. Surrender and malleability will be our saving grace this month, especially with all the fixed sign energy. True abundance and brilliance is an act of co-creation. While we might want to be super independent and to do our own thing, we must remember that anything amazing and worthwhile is created when we stand together. It is the beautiful dance of interdependence that we all seek. January 2021 will ask that we find this sacred balance. This month is here to: have us create brilliant and innovative structures in our lives, freedom from past restraints and the ability to recognize that I am you and you are me... we share a heartbeat of unconditional love and compassion for one another. 

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