Harvest Full Moon in Pisces- The Dreamiest Full Moon of the Year, Psychic Downloads + Mystical Dreams, May the Water Cleanse, Heal and Rejuvenate Your Being

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces- The Dreamiest Full Moon of the Year, Psychic Downloads + Mystical Dreams, May the Water Cleanse, Heal and Rejuvenate Your Being
On September 20th, we have the beautiful and healing Harvest Full Moon at 28 degrees of Pisces. Full Moons entice magic and the ripeness of our deepest feelings and sensations. In the days leading up to the full moon, we can literally feel our emotional state growing with intensity, depth and acute sensitivity. Once the Full Moon occurs there is a sweet release and completion. Full Moons themselves represent endings, culmination and manifestation. Pisces, the final zodiac sign, deals with spiritual endeavors, psychic awareness, compassion and instinctual wisdom. 
Get ready to purge on a major level with this Full Moon in the deepest and most emotional sign of the zodiac! Your most vulnerable side is sure to be exposed and highlighted. No running away from this depth of feeling and perception. Healing isn't pretty but it is real. Being extra gentle and malleable in this process with your own grief + trauma and that of others is advised. The ultimate compassion of being human is to love someone for who they are and who they are not. This includes yourself. Surrender and allow. 
The Full Moon in Pisces is here to cleanse your weary and sensitive soul + provide the ability to tap into your intuitive wisdom. No other sign is as mystical and magical as Pisces. Being the last zodiac sign isn't for the weak or incapable. Pisces energy has learned all of the lessons and blessings of the previous 11 signs and this is why this sign is the most understanding and instinctually aware. It is as though Pisces energy soaks up the feelings and thoughts of everything and everyone they encounter with a remarkable osmosis ability. This full moon in the fishes den wants to soothe your heart + to allow yourself to trust and honor your feelings and gut instincts. This is a great time to hone your psychic abilities and to communicate with your angels, guides and ancestors. The veil is always super thin when the Full Moon in Pisces occurs. Flashbacks from past incarnations, future visions and super vivid dreams are sure to be the norm at this time. 
Another reason that this Full Moon will be so potent from an emotional level will be it's conjunction to its ruler Neptune, the planet of the subconscious, imagination and unconditional love, who is her home sign of Pisces. Although there is a 7 degree orb between them, the energy of their meetup will add even more depth to these intense feelings and visions. The Full Moon in Pisces conjunct retrograde Neptune in Pisces is spirit in action. Expect to feel all the feels and to really hone in on your ability to connect with your spirit team and ancestors. In fact, this aspect will be so strong that I would be keeping a dream journal next to your bed when going to sleep. Your dream state will be "popping" with messages and guidance from the other side. Spiritual awakenings of all sorts will occur at this time.  My advice is to allow yourself to flow and be malleable with this aspect. Neptune and Pisces energy don't do well with any force or decisive actions. Letting yourself BE with your grief and allowing your feelings to roam from here to there will actually support the release and purging cycle that is bound to happen at this time. Cradling your tender self with unconditional love, compassion and understanding will be most helpful. This aspect is also excellent to indulge and create music, art and anything creative. Just be careful with taking it too far as the lower energy of this aspect can bring up addictions, paranoia and victim tendencies. Keeping yourself grounded could be difficult but with the opposing Sun in Virgo, there is an anchored presence of such practicality + awareness. 
The Full Moon in Pisces is here to pave a wave of compassion and understanding back into our lives. In a world that seems to have lost the meaning and importance of these attributes, this tender and loving lunation wants to remind you of their divinity and healing powers. If for just a moment the world could adopt more of these qualities, what a different existence we would have.
The Full Moon in Pisces wants you to imagine a world that might seem like a far off utopia of sorts. A world where feelings are honored, spiritual insight is valued and where LOVE is the highest and most sacred vibration. Even if this isn't possible( at least not within a 2 week period) even adopting 10 minutes a day more to this potent energy could make a difference. La luna full in the deepest and most mystical sign of the zodiac wants you to come back home to your soul and to give her the greatest permission of them all. The permission to unconditionally love, accept and honor your deepest feelings and instincts. The Full Moon in Pisces is here to allow yourself to purge your deepest traumas and grief, get you further in touch with your intuitive abilities and to remind you of the power and healing energy of the highest vibration of all which is and always will be, LOVE. 

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