Full Moon in Pisces- The Watershed Begins, Psychic Downloads Galore, The Mystical + Ethereal Come Alive

Full Moon in Pisces- The Watershed Begins, Psychic Downloads Galore, The Mystical + Ethereal Come Alive


On September 10th, we have the deeply emotional and highly intuitive Full Moon at 17 degrees of Pisces. In the days leading up to any full moon, our sensations begin to rise and become filled with sensitivity and heightened feelings. Full Moons themselves represent culminations, endings and manifestations. Pisces, the 12th zodiac sign, deals with the subconscious mind, imagination, surrender, spirituality and intuitive knowing. 

The Full Moon in Pisces is here to bring forth an abundance of emotion and deeply felt hits of intuitive guidance. No other moon in my opinion( this is coming from a Cancer moon mind you) is as sensitive or filled with heartfelt emotion as a Pisces moon. This baby will bring up all the feels and then some!! Since Pisces rules the subconscious mind, expect to have past traumas, sorrows and events come up to the surface to be cleansed and healed. This is an excellent time to meditate, contemplate, relish in your spiritual practices and HEAL yourself. Lots of psychic dreams and connection to the other realm will be present with this powerful Full Moon. Tapping into our psyche can be scary. Watch out for the lower vibe of this Full Moon which could entail escapism, paranoia and phobias to come up. The higher vibration of this lunation will be a surrender to the divine and a sense of boundless compassion and sensitivity for one's self and humanity as a whole. 

The Full Moon in Pisces will be making a few aspects to her fellow planetary brothers, mostly positive, except for her aspect to Mars. The first aspect is her conjunction or 0 degree aspect to retrograde Neptune, her ruling planet of imagination, spirituality and ethereal wisdom, who is also transiting the sign of Pisces. Neptune conjunct the Full Moon will quadruple the imaginative, dreamy and romantic vibes. Expect folks' heads to be in the clouds and an air of artistic and spiritual brilliance will be present. The lower vibe of this aspect could be overindulgence in fantasy, overindulgence of alcohol or drugs( Neptune rules both) or water damage/major storms( Neptune also rules water/oceans). If we can keep ourselves grounded enough, this aspect is sure to provide deep and beautiful spiritual breakthroughs of unconditional love and selflessness. The second aspect of this Full Moon in Pisces will be her sextile( harmonious, 60 degree aspect) to retrograde Uranus, the planet of surprises, invention and shocks, who is currently in the sign of Taurus. Uranus in a harmonious aspect to the Full Moon will add a grounded yet unpredictable element of genius to the mix. Expecting the unexpected is highly likely, especially around our resources which Taurus rules. This also could bring in freak storms, hurricanes or sudden weather events, again more than likely involving water or the electric grid. Finally, the last aspect to the Full Moon in Pisces will be her contentious square( 90 degree aspect) to Mars, the planet of aggression, force and ambition, who is currently in the sign of Gemini. Mars square the Full Moon could bring in a push/pull dynamic and passive aggressive elements into play. There could be some underlying aggression that wants to be expressed but it might come out in an ass backwards way that is more sneaky and hard to define. It doesn't help that we have Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and contracts who just turned retrograde in Libra the day before this full moon. My advice would be to lay low on any huge declarations or big talks till early October if possible. If you have to have an important conversation or sign a contract, etc, make sure to keep yourself as focused and grounded and don't let your emotions steal the show. Being mindful is always a good idea, but especially now. 

For those folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 17 degrees of Pisces, expect to be most impacted by this Full Moon. Major and destined events will play out now and it will be best to surrender your plans and go with the flow as much as possible. Divine has plans beyond what you can envision and these could be rather life changing for many of you. The second group of folks most impacted by this Full Moon in Pisces will be those with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 17 degrees of the other mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo or Sagittarius. This baby will be impacting your most sensitive and deeply felt areas of your life. Some of you could end major cycles of fear connected to your home, family and career life. For everyone else, check where 17 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart to see what emotional and psychic feelings will be brought to the surface and where you can tap into your intuitive powers and spiritual compass. 

The Full Moon in Pisces is here to bring forth lots of feelings and sensitivities that might have been stored away in our subconscious for quite some time. This full moon could bring forth generations of such feelings to the surface to be cleansed and healed once and for all. The tender Full Moon wants us to become ok with our trauma and sorrows. There is no escaping the deeply felt emotions that want to come forth at this time. It is time to surrender and allow. Feel and release. Resistance is futile. We have all been through some insane levels of trauma over these last few years. This Full Moon in Pisces wants us to embrace ourselves with a loving and soothing balm of unconditional love and support. No other sign is as compassionate and forgiving as a wise Pisces. It is time to let go of how things should have been or what we had planned and be in the NOW with loving awareness and deeply felt gratitude. The Full Moon in Pisces is here to wash away our deepest phobias and fears, have us embrace our connection to source and allow the healing process to soothe our tired souls with unconditional love and understanding. 

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