Full Moon in Leo- The Heart Knows What Is Real, Creative Fun, Forever Young + Free

Full Moon in Leo- The Heart Knows What Is Real, Creative Fun, Forever Young + Free


On February 16th, we have the magnificent and dramatic Full Moon at 27 degrees of Leo. Full Moons are always ripe with emotions and heightened perception. They represent endings, completions and glorious manifestation. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign is known to be creative, bold, fiery, a leader, and a magical creator. 

The Full Moon in Leo is here to warm your heart with creative expression and tenderness. We are being urged with La luna in the sign of the lion to get back to our heart space. In a world that is bogged down with the intricacies of "adulting" this Full Moon wants us to tap back into the fun, creative and loving aspects of our inner child. No other sign is as creative and heart centered as a Leo. These folks ooze playful vibrant energy out of every cell of their body. It is time to finish that creative project, express your heart's content with wild abandonment and to have some damn fun! Remember that word fun? If not, this Full Moon will be a welcome relief and offer a boost around our sense of vitality and joy. 

The Full Moon in Leo wants us to honor our heart with every fiber of our being. Many folks could finally see their efforts being rewarded around a creative or artistic endeavor at this time. We will be reminded that the only thing that is true and vital is from the heart space. Since Leo rules the heart, expect many declarations that express our deepest and most profound love of the self, life and one another. Wherever you have 27 degrees of Leo in your natal chart is where you are sure to see these fiery and beautiful manifestations occur.  Folks with their Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs( and inner planets in any of the fixed signs...Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius) between 25-29 degrees will be most impacted. For those who are new to astrology check where you have 25-29 degrees in any of those signs mentioned( Leo, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius) as this Full Moon will aspect your placements. 

Speaking of romance, the cosmos also has a beautiful alignment of the love planets Venus and Mars at the time of this Full Moon. Venus, the planet of beauty, joy and pleasure, will be meeting up with Mars, the planet of passion, aggression and action, both at 16 degrees of Capricorn. Talk about a hot and spicy combo of grounded affection and unity! With Venus and Mars in Capricorn we will be adding a dose of solid practicality and long term planning to our heighten our mojos. The cosmic lovers meeting up in the serious sign of Capricorn will provide stability and loyal vibes to the fun and expansive full moon. Many folks could form lasting bonds during this time. 

The Full Moon in Leo is here to grace your heart with the purity of unconditional love and joy. There is no greater power on the planet than love and that begins first with the self. The Full Moon in Leo wants you to return to your inner child and give her or him a big hug and kiss. It is time to heal the parts of ourselves that we have shamed, ridiculed or made wrong. Sweet and unconditional self forgiveness is also a big part of this full moon. A surge of...

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