Full Moon in Aries- Honoring Your Sovereignty in a World of Clones , Letting Go of the Co-Dependency Wound, To Thy Own Self Be True + EXTENDED HOROSCOPES

Full Moon in Aries- Honoring Your Sovereignty in a World of Clones , Letting Go of the Co-Dependency Wound, To Thy Own Self Be True + EXTENDED HOROSCOPES


On October 9/10th, we have the fiery and passionate Full Moon at 16 degrees of Aries. Full Moons are always highly emotional and cathartic. They bring things and emotions to the surface in dramatic and heightened ways. Full Moons signify endings, completions and ultimate manifestation. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign deals with independence, "the self", leadership, drive, ambition and courage. 

The Full Moon in Aries is here to bring forth a rush of passionate emotions connected to honoring your truth + sovereignty. It is time to rise up from the depths of your being to reclaim your inner power and truth. No other sign is as truth driven and bold as a feisty and fiery Aries. These folks exude a no BS vibe of independence, initiative and drive. When these folks make up their minds to go after something or someone, nothing and I mean NOTHING can stop them. It is time to light a fire under our asses + to take dramatic and self driven actions that cultivate our prosperity + divine inner will. 

This Full Moon wants us to dig deep within our heart to proclaim what matters to us + to go after it with everything that we got! It is important however that we honor the opposing energy of the Sun in Libra's need to honor the other as well. This is where the push and pull dynamic of the self vs. the other, independence vs. interdependence and the individual vs. a relationship will be most highlighted. How can we honor our own individuality while also respecting and acknowledging our partner? How do we create a dynamic of trust within our own selves and at the same within a connection? These questions could come up to be examined and thought through at this time. The I vs. we dynamic will be highlighted in many insightful and at times painful ways during this lunation. Finding this sacred balance is an art. Finding the beauty between who we are and who others are is a path of surrender + majestic enlightenment. 

The Full Moon in Aries will be making a conjunction to retrograde Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, who is also in the sign of Aries. The Full Moon conjunct Chiron will bring forth an epic wound of not feeling worthy or strong enough. This aspect will bring forth the trauma of not honoring our sacred freedom + individual journey. Many folks could see where their lack of self love has led to selfishness or abandonment wounds, often stemmed from childhood. This aspect is the classic "I will leave you before you leave + hurt me". The healing vibration of this conjunction will be about surrendering our need to people please and letting go of this wound connected to not being good enough. This is a chance to proclaim our inner love not because someone loves us or admires us, but because it is our god given right to be loved + to BE LOVE. This epiphany could at first be painful but with awareness + trust in this process, this aspect promises tremendous inner growth and freedom. Freedom to be whole within the self. Freedom to be in love with the self. Freedom to be in love with the experience of life. Sudden and dramatic realizations of this lack of freedom and the healing work that needs to be done will be highlighted now. 

For folks who have their Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs on or close to 16 degrees of Aries(+/- 3 degrees) will be most impacted by this Full Moon. Expect massive endings and culminations connected to your independence and free will.  Some of these could be rather unexpected and dramatic. A breath of fresh air and the ability to stand up for your inner truth will be a big part of what this full moon will bring forth. For everyone else, check where 16 degrees of Aries falls in your natal chart to see where these dramatic and self fulfilling endings and completions will be occurring. 

The Full Moon in Aries is here to bring radical freedom mixed with recognizing your inner badass! It is time to rise up from the ashes and to stick up for your truth + independence. No more playing small or shrinking yourself to please another. At the same time, we will be asked at this Full Moon to honor our partner, friend, family member, colleague, whoever, with the same amount of respect and love that we give to our own selves. Who you are is who you will attract. What you honor in yourself is what you allow to be possible in your connections with others. The Full Moon in Aries wants to end the cycle of self neglect and self abandonment. It is time to come home to our soul with a wave of unconditional love and freedom. The Full Moon in Aries is here to have us proclaim our purpose with passion and excitement, become the captain's of our own ship and to realize that I am you + you are me... we are the sacred reflection of one another. 

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