Full Moon in Aquarius- The Wildest + Most Unpredictable Full Moon of the Year, Manifesting Your True Sovereignty, Expansion of Your Highest Ideals + Independence

Full Moon in Aquarius- The Wildest + Most Unpredictable Full Moon of the Year, Manifesting Your True Sovereignty, Expansion of Your Highest Ideals + Independence


On August 22nd, we have the very powerful second full moon within a 30 day period with the Full Moon at 29 degrees of Aquarius. When we have 2 full moons in a lunar cycle this is otherwise known as a Blue Moon. Blue Moons are powerful lunation's that suggest heightened emotions, magical occurrences and the ultimate fruition of our manifestation abilities. Our feelings will be on overdrive and very potent even with this detached air sign lunation.

Full Moons themselves always signal intense feelings, endings and completions. The air will be thick with extreme circumstances and events rising to the surface to be purged and released. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, deals with unpredictability, genius, the individual, independence, friendship, dreams and the collective. 

The Blue Full Moon in Aquarius is here to create unbelievable and out of this world change that could be quite dramatic and hard to avoid. Something unusual, mystical and quite unforeseen is what this Full Moon will bring into our lives. If you have felt stuck or just blah, this baby will shake things up indeed!

The Full Moon in Aquarius will demand we get out of our comfort zone and step towards our true path and destiny. No more shrinking to make others feel ok + validated. This is about validation of the self and the courage to follow one's own path. A level of solidarity and inventiveness is what La la full in the sign of the water bearer wants to bring into our lives. Change isn't easy for most folks. As a whole, most people will stay in the confines of their comfort levels until an outside event or circumstance wakes them up into action. 

This Full Moon is about shaking up the status quo based on each person's individual needs but there is a larger purpose here that will affect our humanity as we know it. Aquarius is all about independence but the sign of the water bearer also represents the collective. Massive and unavoidable "aha moments" connected to what the truth is and transparency will impact society as a whole with this powerful lunation. The rebel vibes will be particularly strong at this time and the need to honor one's sovereignty and right to express one's individual path and journey are highlighted. Radical inventions and "out of the box" thinking on many levels will be experienced by many. 

Aquarius is one sign that will do their own thing, for better or for worse. Try telling anyone with predominant Aquarius in their chart that they "have to" or they "must" do something and you are in for a shock on many levels( haha I know cause I fall into this category). Aquarius energy doesn't roll that way. If you happen to have any inner planets + points( Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars or ASC, IC, DC, MC) between 25 degrees of the fixed signs( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) or 0-4 degrees of the mutable signs ( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) then this Full Moon in Aquarius will rock your world. Whatever planet or point in the natal chart that is activated will bring in major and unavoidable shake ups and wake up calls. Expecting the unexpected is the best way to deal with this aspect, especially if you fall into either one of those mentioned groups. Surrendering the old and creating a new stance are important factors to embrace when the winds of change rolls into our lives. Something must give and in order for the future to be transformed something must die. It is the natural order and cycle of the universe. 

The blessing in disguise will be the Full Moon in Aquarius's conjunction to retrograde Jupiter, the planet of abundance, luck and wisdom who is also in the sign of Aquarius.  

The Full Moon conjunct retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius will expand our feelings and prosperity connected to following our true north and with honoring our individuality and unorthodox ways of looking at life. Many unbelievable and magical twists of fate are in store. There is wisdom involved within these groundbreaking discoveries both on an individual level and within the collective. Lucky breaks connected to our destiny and chosen path will be in store with Jupiter's blessing on this full moon. Many could finally see the fruits of their labor come in, especially if this chosen path involves working with humanity as whole or around science, spirituality or healing of any kind. Again, expect the unexpected. With big Jup in the picture this manifestation will be large and in charge and with Aquarius, it will be hard to predict and pin down.  

The second Full Blue Moon in Aquarius is here to rock your world and to wake you up to your power and genius abilities. There is such magic and unpredictability with this lunation that it could feel initially rather off putting or too unbelievable to many folks. The key with this Full Moon will be around sticking up for your ideals and with honoring yourself and your fellow man/woman. Aquarius's highest state of being is the path of the humanitarian who wants to find the equilibrium and balance between the individual within the collective while honoring the collective within the individual. It is a tricky balance as we have seen from recent events and our current world's reality. What does it look like to create harmony and peace with the individual and with humanity as a whole? How can we honor our differences with one another while also working together? Is that even possible? These are some of the questions that may arise at this time. The Blue Full Moon in Aquarius is here to wake us up to our true north + sovereignty, create massive changes that propel us into the next phase of our journey and create the possibility( even just for a moment) of a world that honors both the individual and the collective working together as ONE. 

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