February 2023- All Systems A Go, The Self vs. Others, Compassion is Your Best Friend

February 2023- All Systems A Go, The Self vs. Others, Compassion is Your Best Friend


Welcome to February 2023! After a trying and difficult January, we are looking forward to some reprieve from the cosmos. The universe is ready to give out blessings, hope and a new dawn of possibility! This month heralds an awakening on an individual basis as well as on a collective level.

The month of February is a time where a lot of the lingering madness begins to work itself out. All systems are a GO this month. All of the planets are direct and it is time to launch that project, business or plan into action! When the planets are in direct motion, we experience more power and "green lights" to accomplish our goals. No time like the present as I always say! If not now, when? February 2023 is here to offer this launch pad of progress + motivation! 

I will begin with the first week of February which is sure to be emotionally charged and full of drama...

On February 5th, we have the bright and generous Full Moon at 16 degrees of Leo. Opposing the Sun, Full moons are always a highly emotional time. They represent manifestation, endings and culminations. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign is known to be warm, bold, a leader, generous, ego driven and creative. The Full Moon in Leo is here to offer a boost of confidence with a dash of drama! No other sign is as confident and at times as stuck in the ego as a loving and warm lion! This Full Moon will bring forth a heightened sense of self assurance, leadership and a flair for the dramatic. Leo also rules the heart so we will be driven to act from our 4th chakra in bold and daring ways. The Full Moon in Leo will be in a square or in a tense 90 degree aspect to Uranus who is currently in the sign of Taurus. The Full Moon square Uranus could bring in all kinds of sudden shifts, surprises and epiphanies around our emotional state. We could be caught off guard by our seemingly opposing views on wanting freedom vs. wanting love and affection. This dichotomy of emotions could lead to some pretty epic battles, so be aware of your ego on or around this Full moon. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 16 degrees of the fixed signs( Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) this Full Moon will be significant and full on in nature. Expect the unexpected and to be "dug in" with your views on your independence and relationships. For everyone else, check where 16 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to see where these dramatic manifestations will take place. 

Moving to February 10th, we have the meet up of Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and business and Pluto the planet of intensity, transformation and regeneration at 28 degrees of Capricorn. Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will bring forth some very intense and profound insights into our structures, plans and resources. While there can be restrictions since Capricorn is ruled by the taskmaster planet Saturn, there is the ability to think long term + strategically. Make it or break it type of discussions are sure to ensue. Conversations or or around this date are going to bring up what is working and what is not working in our lives, especially within business. This is a great aspect for deep psychological analysis connected to our long term vision + sense of direction. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 28 degrees of the cardinal signs( Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) expect to have extremely intense and passionate conversations that could be confronting in nature but necessary for your evolution and growth. For everyone else, check where 28 degrees of Capricorn falls in your natal chart to see what profound and prophetic insights will come about for you.

Moving to mid month, on February 15th, we have the lovely and dreamy aspect of Venus, the planet of love, affection and beauty meeting up with Neptune, the planet of dreams, the imagination and subconscious patterns at the 23rd degree of Pisces. This is a deeply sensitive and compassionate pairing! Since Venus is exalted in Pisces( meaning super comfy and powerful) and Neptune is in her home(even more powerful and comfy) in Pisces, the beauty and depth of this aspect is sure to be felt and appreciated. Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a wonderful aspect for romance, creativity and to get in touch with your intuition and sensitivity. The higher vibration of this aspect is spiritual wisdom, loving care and compassion to the 10th degree. The lower vibration of this aspect is victim consciousness, delusion and unrealistic expectations.. especially within partnerships and artistic pursuits. We are sure to be very much in our feels on or around this time! For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs on or close to 23 degrees of the mutable signs( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) expect to feel this aspect the strongest. A huge and massive heart awakening is in store. Make sure to keep yourself as grounded as possible as you explore these dreamy and ultra romantic vibes. For everyone else, check where 23 degrees of Pisces falls in your natal chart to see where these loving, psychic and compassionate vibes will be felt the most. 

On February 19th, we have the dreamy and reflective…

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