February 2022- Movement + Progress...Finally, Earthy Passions Around Security + Accomplishment, You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be

February 2022- Movement + Progress...Finally, Earthy Passions Around Security + Accomplishment, You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be


Welcome to February 2022! This month will be a relief and a breath of fresh air, my darlings! After a rough last month with the retrograde motion of Mercury(turning direct this month) and Venus, the universe is ready to bless us all with progress and movement! I would say we all deserve it! 

February is a month where things that were stuck finally start to move and groove. Granted this will be most noticeable once we get to mid month but we will start to see glimpses of progress in the beginning of the month as well. February wants to remind you of your tenacity and ability to face obstacles with grace and strength. You are a warrior of facing the unknown. 

Most folks are worn out of the state of the world at the moment. This month wants to grant a wish of faith and perseverance. These challenging times are not in vain. There is light and beauty around the corner and that is where we will begin this forecast.  

On February 1st, we have the liberating and exhilarating New Moon at 12 degrees of Aquarius. This also happens to be the Chinese New Year( the Water Tiger, which hasn't happened in 60 years). Hey even my Cincinnati Bengals made it to the Super Bowel! New Moons are always very prosperous as they signal new beginnings, the slate being wiped clean and fresh initiatives. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign, deals with freedom, individuality, detachment, humanity, dreams, ideals and genius inventions. The New Moon in Aquarius is here to create a sense of freedom and at the same time a sense of unity. A contradiction of sorts, but perfect for describing the Aquarius energy in general. These folks are innovators around individual sovereignty but at the same time they are the most humanitarian sign in the zodiac. With an intense conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius and tense square to Uranus in Taurus, this New Moon in Aquarius won't come without its challenges around structures, obligations and sudden shake ups. With Aquarius you never know what to expect. Saturn will add a dose of practicality and realism to our emotional states while Uranus will add surprises and shake ups connected to our value systems and security. This New Moon in Aquarius will be particularly impactful for those folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant( lesser impact for NN/SN) within 3 degrees (+/-) of 12 degrees of Aquarius. For everyone else, check where 12 degrees of Aquarius falls in your natal chart to receive insights into what new radical shifts will occur in your life.

On February 4th, Mercury, the planet of the mind, communication and contracts, turns direct at 24 degrees of Capricorn. While Mercury was retrograde since January 14th, many issues around our projects, plans and ideas could have arisen. Now as Mercury turns direct in Capricorn, it is time to see these snafus in communication and plans slowly start to unravel and become clear. Since this transit is happening in Capricorn, the sign of business and hard work, we will be focused on creating workable solutions particularly within our work, mission and obligations. A sense of relief will be felt by all now that we will be able to make solid commitments without the interference of Mercury's tricks and trials. Expect to see lots of news surrounding big business, government and authority figures in general as those are the areas which Capricorn rules.

Moving to mid month, on February 16th, we have quite an active day in the cosmos. 

The first event will be a Full Moon which occurs at 27 degrees of Leo. Full moons are ripe with emotion and intensity. They represent endings, culminations and manifestations. Leo, the 5th zodiac sign deals with creativity, self expression, leadership and childlike wonder. The Full Moon in Leo is here to bring some drama and flair to our relationships. Leo rules the heart so many of our focus will be on expanding our heart's awareness and desires. Many folks could see lively manifestations connected to their creativity and artistic expressions. Tuning into our inner child will also be a big theme with this dramatic full moon. The Full Moon in Leo will be particularly impactful for those folks who have their Sun, Moon or Ascendant( lesser impact for NN/SN) within 3 degrees (+/-) of 27 degrees of Leo. For everyone else, check where 27 degrees of Leo falls in your natal chart to see where you will be finalizing some form of a creative, romantic or artistic component in your life. 

The second event on February 16th, will be a hot and sizzling meetup of Mars, the planet of sex, passion and aggression and Venus, the planet of love, beauty and pleasure, both aligning in Capricorn. When the two lovers of the cosmos meet up expect some hot and spicy times of passion and romance. In fact, Mars and Venus will be close to one another all month and in March so I expect many folks to form relationships within the next couple of months. Venus and Mars in Capricorn will create...

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