December 2020- The Most Life Changing Month of 2020, The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, One World + One Love =Unification of Consciousness

December 2020- The Most Life Changing Month of 2020, The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, One World + One Love =Unification of Consciousness
Welcome to December 2020! We have now entered the 12th year, haha... I mean the 12th month of 2020! Just keeping up with my theme from previous months. The year of 2020 is the year that "can't stop, won't stop". We are in for quite a treat this month! December 2020 is sure to be a month to put in the record books( quite like this whole f year).  Pat yourself on the backs my loves! You have made it to the end of 2020! An accomplishment worthy of celebration if you ask me.
We began this year with the aspect of Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn which hasn't happened in over 500 years and we end the year with Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius which hasn't happened in over 600 years. We are literally witnessing aspects that will never show back up, at least not in our lifetime. There is a tremendous amount of forward momentum, even amongst the current uncertainty and stresses of our current reality. The true dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us. 
Being an Aquarian Sun myself, I have waited many long years for this time. I remember crying myself to sleep as a young child as I was constantly teased for being so weird and awkward around my knowledge with the stars. In those wee hours of the night while gripping my pillow with tears streaming down my face, I promised that one day in the future, I would be able to bring my gifts of astrology/spirituality to the masses of the world. Us Aquarians long for a world that is united by liberation of consciousness and unity! Well my loves, that time has begun! 
December 2020 will be the most life changing and magnificent month of the year! While we will certainly face challenges and obstacles, the Aquarius out of the box thinking and unity to join with one another vs. fight with one another will be the leading theme! After all the hell you have experienced this year, or bliss, depending on who you ask, will all be rewarded and acknowledged within this pivotal month.
The month of December gets super juicy mid month so that is where I will begin.
On December 14th, we have the massive and life altering Total Solar Eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids and suggest change, curveballs and rearrangements in our destiny connected to: new beginnings, initiations and fresh slates. Sagittarius, the 9th zodiac sign, deals with: wisdom, truth, teaching, education and international travel. 
This Total Solar Eclipse will partner with the South Node who is also in the sign of Sagittarius. The South Node or Ketu as it's known in Vedic astrology is a point of spiritual dharma, as it shows what we need to: release, allow and let go of. The Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius is here to release our fears connected to how we speak our truth and honor our most authentic self. Many could be releasing lifetimes of anguish and anger connected to not being recognized for their ability to speak up for themselves. 
A true awakening of spiritual beliefs, along with a sense of freedom is what this Solar Eclipse is all about. No more playing small. Thinking grand and thinking big is what the archer is all about! True wisdom of consciousness enters in. Wherever Sagittarius falls in your natal chart is where these radical and curveball wake up calls and events will take place. 
On December 16th, Saturn, the planet of: karma, obligation and restriction, moves from his home sign of Capricorn, over to his co-ruling sign of Aquarius, where he will stay until 2023. Aquarius, the 11th zodiac sign is known to be: intellectual, unusual, inventive, futuristic and a humanitarian. The last time Saturn was in the sign of Aquarius was in 1993 until 1995. You might want to look back to this time as similar themes and events could play out. Saturn's entry into Aquarius will bring up some kind of obligation and perhaps a restriction to the rights of humanity. Of course we are already seeing this play out quite a bit. The difference with this upcoming aspect is that we will also become inventive and eccentric within how we work inside of these restrictions. Aquarius, who rules electronics, the internet and innovation will allow us to adjust with groundbreaking strategies and plans. This is an excellent transit to bring back something old + tried and true( Saturn) and re-invent it with the future in mind( Aquarius). 
On December 18/19th, Jupiter, the planet of: wisdom, expansion, luck and travel, moves from his sign of detriment, Capricorn, over to the air sign of Aquarius. The last time Jupiter was in Aquarius was from 2009-2010. You might want to look back to that time as similar events and circumstances might pop back up! For myself, I adopted my doggie Milo( who is my baby/child) that year, so it was indeed a very important time in my life. Jupiter in Aquarius, will create an expansion and optimism around our individual freedoms. Many philosophical discoveries, along with technological advancements could be possible this year. A sense of wanting to expand our individuality along with creating a community who focuses on evolution and progressive ideals will be favored by this aspect. 
On December 21st, we have what might be called the most incredible and ultimate defying day of 2020. A true portal of: magic, magnificence and an unprecedented astrological meetup. The Sun, which represents: our ego, vitality and life force, leaves the sign of Sagittarius and enters into Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign is known for: authority, structures, hard work and obligations. Happy Winter Solstice to my loves in the Northern Hemisphere and Happy Summer to my loves in the Southern Hemisphere. Solstice days are already powerful days of portal magic and unbelievably downloads. 
Later in the day on December 21st, Saturn and Jupiter meet up at 0 degrees of Aquarius. The last time these two met up was 20 years ago when they both met at 22 degrees of Taurus. For the previous 200 years, all of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions have been within the earth element( Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Now with both Jupiter and Saturn moving into the air sign of Aquarius, we will spark another 200 years from December 21, 2020- onward where they will remain in Air signs. The last time they both met in Aquarius was in 1405. So you can see how this is not something that just happens everyday. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius will be about how we can come together to build expansive and fundamentally strong foundations within our society. Both Jupiter and Saturn are pretty different within their energies. Jupiter is all about expansion and Saturn is all about contraction. So we will have to balance out both during this transit. Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius will focus on what technologies and futuristic points of view can carry our species into the next level of understanding. I will write more about this prolific aspect later on in the month.
Finally on December 29th, we have the Full Moon at 9 degrees of Cancer. Full Moons bring: completions, manifestations and endings to our lives. Cancer, the 4th sign of the zodiac, is known for being: nurturing, protective, home oriented and family focused. The Moon loves to be in Cancer as that is her home! Being born on a full Moon in Cancer myself, I can tell you that "comfy" and "yummy" are two of our fav words! The Full Moon in Cancer will conjure up emotional and extremely sensitive energies to our lives. Something connected to our roots, family or home situation could come up to the foreground to be healed and a cycle of karma completed. There will be lots of tears shed( us Cancer moons wrote the book on tears) and many heartfelt emotions will rise to the surface to be expressed. 
December 2020 is one hell of a month in one hell of a year! This might be the understatement of the century!!! This month is so action packed that it might be slightly mind boggling. Even writing this bad boy has been quite a lengthy experience. December 2020 wants you to come back home to your truth and elevation of consciousness. December 2020 wants you to honor who you are with everything in your soul and at the same time look out for your fellow brothers and sisters. We are all one. We are all connected. The time has come to rise up and unite with each other. December 2020 promises to bring: an awakening around what makes us feel free and alive, a unification of the old and the new and a chance to create the beginnings of a world filled with: love, unity and peace of mind. 
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