Astromomma Special- Top Psychic/Intuitive Influences In the Natal Chart- Do You Have Any of Them?

Astromomma Special- Top Psychic/Intuitive Influences In the Natal Chart- Do You Have Any of Them?
 Astromomma Special- Top Psychic/Intuitive Influences In the Natal Chart- Do You Have Any of Them?
Hey Astromomma fam. I recently received a great suggestion from one of you all regarding how to find psychic and intuitive aspects in one's natal chart. I thought it was a great suggestion. I am actually asked this question often when conducting natal readings. I also thought it would be great to discuss something that isn't connected to all the current chaos happening in the world atm! I hope you find this article interesting and useful. 
When looking at potential psychic/intuitive aspects in the chart, I often find these to be the top aspects. Of course there are others but these, in my opinion, are quite prominent and telling. 
1- Natal Moon in a Water Sign- Even more so if the moon is also in a water house( 4th, 8th, 12th houses)
The Moon in astrology represents our: intuition, gut instincts and emotions. All 3 water signs( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are highly sensitive, psychic and impressionable. When you have your natal moon in one of these signs, you are a sponge for feeling out energies that are beyond normal comprehension. I've noticed that folks who have their natal moon in water signs have amazing insights into what is to come and they literally absorb information out of thin air. There is often a deep connection with divine and a super psychic instinct. Often, us water sign moons( I am a Cancer moon/8th house) need to decompress our energies with: meditation, writing and plenty of alone time. The reason for that is it can get exhausting when tuning into the world and it's issues. At times, these moon placements might feel like their x-ray insights are more of a curse than a blessing. I would recommend regular: salt baths, clearing sessions and chakra cleansing for these moons. Sometimes picking up on all of the subtle energies from people, places and experiences can be very draining for these sweet and sensitive souls. It is important again that they have plenty of alone time to release and relax the intensity of their feelings. Their visions of what is to come are often scary accurate, and they themselves might not even know why or how they can pick up what they do. If you ever need insight into what is to come in the future, I would seek someone out with one of these natal moon placements.
2- Ascendant in water signs( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) even more so if the ruler of the Ascendant sign is in the water houses: 4th, 8th, 12th houses
The Ascendant in astrology is our gateway and first recognition of the self. It represents: how we look at life, the "mask we wear" and our physical appearance. Having one of the three water signs( Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) as the rising sign is also a sign of heightened intuition and psychic abilities. Often folks with this placement, are super aware of their surroundings. Since the ascendant sign rules the physical body and its reflexes, there tends to be an air of mystery and intrigue to these folks. It is like you can never quite figure them out, but at the same time, you also cannot forget them either. They often don't show their vulnerable natures right away as often their sensitivities have been taken advantage of by others in the past. They can read you like a book but you might not even be aware of the depth of their perception and analysis. Often they have hypnotic and soul barring gazes that can see right through anyone's BS. It is important to also look at the planet that rules the sign of the ascendant to see if it is also placed in a water house( 4, 8, 12). This will give even a greater intuitive and psychic influence. The rulers include: Cancer- The Moon, Scorpio- Mars and Pluto, Pisces- Jupiter and Neptune. 
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