April 2023- Eclipse Time Returns, REDEMPTION, The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes...Again

April 2023- Eclipse Time Returns, REDEMPTION, The Phoenix Rises from the Ashes...Again


Welcome to April 2023! You have now entered a new stratosphere of awareness and enlightenment. Congratulate yourself. This is not a feat for the weak or the unwilling. 

The astrology as of late has been INTENSE! March was a month where we saw the ingress of 2 outer planets ( Saturn and Pluto) into new signs ( Saturn shifted into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius). When outer planets shift, the collective consciousness also shifts. Since outer planets move slower, we feel their energy gradually, but their initial entry is still deep and profound. These shifts are ready to move us beyond old fears + programming and into a new space of deep healing and transformation.

March brought in the lesson that no matter what the astrological weather holds, we are being asked by the universe to hold a sacred space of strength and fortitude within ourselves. I say this often in my articles and it might be slightly contradictory coming from an astrologer. It doesn't matter what is gracing the astrological skies ... what matters is who you are BEING about it. BEING is always more potent than your outer circumstances. Astrology is just a tool of reference and guidance. You create what you want from it or not. Check in with your BEING and get ready to tap into the magical blessings that are within you + before you! That is the promise and beauty of April 2023!

The astrology of April will be just as life changing as March if not more due to the fact that we are moving into another Eclipse season. Eclipses bring in a crisis of some sorts. While that doesn't sound awesome lol, eclipse energy wants you to WAKE UP and become aware of what is happening inside of you and around you. Sometimes they bring in sudden endings and at other times they bring in sudden new beginnings. They aren't here just to rock and shock you. They are here to bring in an evolution and revolution of your consciousness. They awaken you out of the mediocrity of going through the motions of life. They bring in events, people and situations to catalyst your life to the next level of awareness and wisdom.

April is about AWAKENING and tapping into your internal power of the SELF while at the same time realizing you are a part of EVERYONE. This is a key life lesson and April is here to bring it home in magical and life altering ways.

I will start at the beginning of the month which offers its fair share of wake ups and shake ups...

On April 4th, Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and information moves into Taurus and forms a tense 90 degree aspect to Pluto, the planet of intensity, transformation and regeneration who has just moved into Aquarius. Mercury in Taurus in a battle with Pluto in Aquarius could bring out full on confrontations on the mental and intellectual realms. Major power plays could be common with an air of mystery and intensity to boot. Since both signs are fixed in nature, stubbornness and a stuck in the mud energy will prevail. Be careful what you say and how you say it. This is a good aspect to tap into difficult conversations where a make it or break it outcome is sure to ensue. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs in the early degrees  (0-3 degrees) of the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will be most impacted. Expect death/rebirth situations involving communication and major tower moments. For others check where Taurus and Aquarius falls in your natal chart to see where these intense and do/die intellectual matters will arise. 

On April 5th, we have the love ruled Full Moon at 16 degrees of Libra. Full Moons bring up all the feels and represent culminations, endings and completions. Libra, the 7th zodiac sign deals with relationships, contracts, commitments and compromise. The Full Moon in Libra is sure to ensue some relationship drama or major milestones to those who are in commitments. With the opposing Sun in Aries, there is the push/pull energy of "me vs. we". This Full Moon will bring forth an opportunity to deepen a connection or if the relationship is not balanced and reciprocal to finally end it. This is not limited to romantic relationships but in any connection that has importance in our lives. The beauty of this lunation will be the ability to compromise in new ways with another while also maintaining a healthy sense of self. This Full Moon in Libra will ask that we pay attention to what we are projecting onto our partners and be willing to hold a level of accountability and workability within the relationship. Whatever happens, justice will be served, for better or worse. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs between 14-17 degrees of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, expect to feel the power of this lunation the most. Major relationship issues will be common and themes connected to compromise and integrity will be brought up. Some of you could finally break free of toxic connections while others of you could deepen a healthy union. For others, check where Libra falls in your natal chart to see where these relationship culminations and manifestations will be taking place. 

On April 11th, we have the luckiest day of the astrological new year. Jupiter, the planet of luck, wisdom and fortune, meets up with the Sun, the celestial body of the ego, life force and vitality both at 21 degrees of Aries. The pairing up of the Sun + Jupiter in Aries will bring in a boost of energy around our ability to be fully self -sufficient, in charge and ready to make shit happen! Aries as a sign is a trailblazer of unlimited energy and zest! Leadership opportunities will be plenty around this date. We will be all fired up with an ooze of confidence and ready to get moving and grooving. The higher vibration of these two coming together will be a tremendous drive to go after our heart's desires and lucky breaks connected to our careers and livelihoods. If you have wanted to begin your own side gig or biz, this is the day to do it! The lower vibration of this aspect could be aggressive enthusiasm mixed with selfish intentions to get ahead of the crowd. Being mindful and staying as grounded as possible will be challenging with this double fire energy but important. For folks with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant signs between 19-22 degrees of the Cardinal signs of: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, expect to feel this aspect the most. One in a lifetime "lucky" and amazing career opportunities could come your way out of the blue. For everyone else, check where Aries falls in your natal chart to see where these fortunate and entrepreneurial vibes will take place.

On April 19th/20th, we have the massive and life changing Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Aries. As mentioned above, eclipse energy brings in change, a crisis or some sorts and shifts beyond our control. A solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids and heralds huge new beginnings, the slate being wiped clean and starting anew. Aries, the 1st zodiac sign, is known to be: a trailblazer, the entrepreneur, a leader, and a fiery go-getter. Eclipse energy is most potent around the actual date of the event but we can begin to feel the energy up to 4-6 weeks prior/post this astrological event. The Total Solar Eclipse in Aries is here to bring a lot of ENERGY, PASSION and NEW BRIGHT BEGINNINGS. We are ready to step out of our comfort zone and a self focused energy of going after what we want will be very present. This is a great new moon to…

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