Annual Solar Eclipse in Gemini- The Game of Telephone, Mental Epiphanies + Awakenings, The Malleability of Perception

Annual Solar Eclipse in Gemini- The Game of Telephone, Mental Epiphanies + Awakenings, The Malleability of Perception



On June 10th, we have the potent and life changing Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Gemini. Solar Eclipses are new moons on steroids and they herald massive and unavoidable new beginnings, fresh slates and new initiatives. Gemini, the 3rd zodiac sign deals with communication, play, curiosity, mental adventures and perceptions. 


The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is here to bring in communication that might shock, delight and rev up our senses. Some kind of new and interesting idea, news or project could be presented to you during this eclipse cycle. Major revelations and truths will come to the surface. Something you never thought you would hear will be said during this time. It might be quite shocking. Since eclipse energy always throws in curve balls, destined shifts and surprises, you might not see this news coming. 


Gemini, as a sign, is known to be quite expressive, although at times their communication style can be quite all over the place and hard to pin down. Often they have a special talent with words but due to their mutable nature, their way of verbal expression can be quite whimsical or dexterous in nature. You might have to think twice or three times about what is being said to you. Is it true? Is it gossip? Is it being exaggerated? Any bombshells of information that drop now might have an air of the "unbelievable" or  "unthinkable" nature to them. This eclipse will require that we remain curious and not rush to any preconceived notions of judgement, before checking out the validity of the source of the information. 


The last time we had the same Solar Eclipse degree and sign was on June 10, 2002. You might want to look back to that time to see what was happening. Similar themes and situations could be occurring at this time. Anyone who has personal planets between 15-24 degrees within the mutable signs( Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will be super impacted by this Solar Eclipse. Wherever 19 degrees of Gemini falls in your natal chart, is where you are sure to see lots of new and unforgettable changes manifest over the course of the next 6 months. Expecting the unexpected is the best way to deal with eclipses. Whatever the universe throws your way, as unbelievable as it might appear, there is a plan and destined path, so surrender and acceptance are important. 


Since this Solar Eclipse in Gemini is alongside the North Node in Gemini, whatever changes and shifts that occur will feel destined and propel you into new pathways and direction. The North Node is an elliptical on the moon's axis and represents fated and karmic pathways to our destiny and purpose. Often this pathway or destiny is quite unfamiliar and usually involves some kind of risk into the unknown. Being that the Solar Eclipse is meeting up with the North Node indicates that these new ideas and insights will dramatically alter our chosen paths forward. These could lead to major awakenings of why we came here and what our true mission + purpose is within this lifetime. 


The Solar Eclipse will be conjunct to retrograde Mercury, the planet of communication, contracts and information, who is also in the sign of Gemini, his home placement. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini conjunct retrograde Mercury in Gemini could bring in crazy and wild news, information or people from the past. While we will be drawn to new initiatives and plans, with this conjunction, something or someone from the past will return. This could be quite all of a sudden and with little to no warning. It could be as simple as an idea you had from the past all of a sudden getting a boost of insight that allows you to move forward with an amazing plan of action. It also could bring in ex's or folks from the past that want to ruffle your feathers with their dexterous words and charm. My best advice is to wait at least 4 days post eclipse to make any major decisions or determinations. The energy right before and after an eclipse is quite potent and sometimes too intense to make a rational and logical decision, so beware. 


The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is here to bring forth unbelievable and incredible insights and realizations into our lives. This is sure to be one of the most chatty and communicative times of the year. The best advice I can give is to be mindful and graceful with the way you communicate with yourself and others. Extraordinary and life changing news and information could be dealt to many folks at this time. It is best to remain as grounded and focused as possible. This will be easier said than done, as Gemini energy is known to be all over the shop and in many places at one given time. Check your sources of information and make sure that what you are receiving is indeed accurate. Assumption will be deadly at this time. 


The Solar Eclipse in Gemini wants to light up your ability to be curious and intrigued by the powers of communication and to be malleable in your approach. She is here to bring in unbelievable and unexpected news, heightened perceptions and downloads from spirit and the ability to remain flexible and adaptable under any and all circumstances. 


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