8/8- Lion’s Gate Portal- The Truth Always Comes to Light, Finding Joy In Anything + Everything, When You Hold Space for Yourself, You Hold Space for the World

8/8- Lion’s Gate Portal- The Truth Always Comes to Light, Finding Joy In Anything + Everything, When You Hold Space for Yourself, You Hold Space for the World


Hello my lovelies! It has been a while since I did a more “personal” post. Many of you have been sending me such sweet and heart felt messages of concern. Thank you so much!! I have also received many messages from you all expressing the uneasiness and pure exhaustion of our current reality. Without going into too many controversial topics, things have been pretty topsy turvy for most folks. I want you to know that I appreciate your messages and your trust. 


For myself, I have been dealing with many personal issues that have taken me away from Astromomma and my mission. At first I was super frustrated as my love is/has always been my work and for being here for you all. I had an important download from spirit recently though, that opened up and shifted my energy. Spirit asked me to slow down and to stop trying to figure it out and to just “be” and “allow” my discomfort and feelings of apprehension to be present. Between dealing with family issues and my older dog who just had surgery, I was having a hard time being present and honestly couldn’t write or create for shit(which of course led to more feelings of frustration). I actually thought I was done with astrology/tarot and maybe it was time to throw in the towel. 


Something shifted though and it came upon me in the last few days. I began to prepare my article for the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal and BOOM spirit came to me like never before. I am pretty used to spirit showing up when I least expect it lol. This is what was shared with me below. I hope it makes a difference for you. Sending my love and hugs to each of you for this upcoming Lion’s Gate Portal.


The 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal is extra potent and life changing this year. This is a time when the 5D existence can merge within our dense and super complicated 3D reality. We are here to not try to figure out life but to merge with our higher selves and this can be a painful and often a frightful experience. I am asking you my dear ones to hold space for yourself like you have never done before. The transmission of light and miracles is upon us but only when we can honor it first within. When you think of “holding space” what comes to mind? There is an acceptance and allowance that is being brought down from this 8/8 Lion’s Gate portal that is profound and life changing. If you feel like you are going through hell or just plain exhausted by this dense existence then it is time to embrace your light and sense of freedom. This is on a whole new level. Where can you find the simple joys within the simplest of moments? Do you remember what that feels like? This portal is about connecting the magic of Sirius to Earth and in doing so showing us that being present is the greatest gift we have. When was the last time that you just wondered into a forest and observed the wind caressing the leaves or the bright color of a flower glistening in the sunlight?


The 8/8 Lion’s Gate is here to calm our minds and to fill our hearts up with the light of understanding and compassion. In a world where being right is more important than love, it is time to cease this old narrative and to create from beyond our ego. The world has enough ego to go around a few lifetimes. The Lion Gate portal wants to begin to create a new vision of what is possible when EVERYONE wins. Not just this group or this political party, race or those who believe in this science or that philosophy. What does true partnership amongst our human race really look like? What would it take if we could seek to understand vs. seek to defend our viewpoint? A ray of wisdom and guidance back to our heart and back to a state of innocence with ourselves and one another is the gift of this 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Let us unite though our differences, not be separated by them. The Lion’s Gate is here to ask you to hold space for yourself and your fellow man/woman with care and with honor. It is time. The portal is here to bring in the Unity of consciousness…the Unity of spirit… and the Unity of LOVE. 


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Image: Marisa Lopez Marino


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