via Zoom - 1 hour - Available Worldwide

In this session, I break down your natal/solar or progressed charts. Its always fun to connect on Zoom and have me read your energy as well. I will let you know according to which chart I am reading- your  strengths, obstacles, talents and run through at least 6 questions pertaining to your chart. This makes an excellent gift for a friend who is new to astrology or a seasoned astrology pro as it opens up insights into who you are from an astrological point of view and how you can grow and evolve with astrology throughout your life.

via Zoom - 1 hour - $150 USD - Available Worldwide

I have been practicing tarot divination for over 20 years and conducted over 9k readings. My readings are known for their accuracy, practicality and profound insights. Whatever area(s) of life you are needing answers in, my readings will shed clarity and direction. I am honest, non judgmental and compassionate. It is my commitment to make a difference to you in the reading.